What Does Auto Detailing Entail?
Written by Donald Barboza   
Sunday, 16 April 2006
Step 1: The Prep (Interior)
(a) Door panels and moldings are vacuumed and cleaned
(b.) Dashboard and console are cleaned & "expertly detailed" with our finest detailer's brushes
(c.) Seats, carpeting, and trunk are vacuumed and shampooed
(d.) Windows are soaked in a streak free cleaner then buffed dry & clear
(e.) Mats are shampooed as well!

Step 2: The Prep (Exterior)
(a.) Rims/Tires/Wheel wells are degreased and washed
(c.) Diluted cleaning solution is sprayed on the entire front (to remove bugs), sides (below the moldings) and rear, then washed and rinsed
(d.) all doors and trunk lid are open, degreased, washed, and rinsed
(e.) Entire vehicle is presoaked then washed top to bottom
(f.) Vehicle is then cleaned with a clay bar to remove any contaminants that weren't removed during the wash. Before the exterior is rejuvenated, the engine is dressed and detailed with a water based dressing.

Step 3: The "Detailing"
(a.) Entire vehicle (painted surfaces) are polished and rejuvenated to the
(b.) Next, same routine except 100% pure carnuaba wax is used
(c.) Emblems, molding, jambs, lights, side markers, door handles, locks, etc. are brushed to release any excess wax build up
(d.) Wheels and tires are treated with a spray polish and dressing
(e.) Windows are soaked in a streak free cleaner then buffed dry & clear
(f.) All moldings, vinyl, rubber and leather (in & out) of entire vehicle are dressed & protected.

Vehicle is then given a final inspection and sprayed & wiped with a special "spray detailer" to remove fingerprints, towel dust, etc!

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